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Emma Jade Gunn

The Astroglides Selling Out with...
Label: Astroglides CD

Much has been made of Phil Spector's 'Wall of Sound' and rightfully so. It's huge. The Astroglides have created their own huge sound with Surf Core. It's an outrageous, delicious sound that I love. The entire CD is bodacious enough to have sent Emmy into a tail wagging frenzy. Here are my thoughts on a few tracks from Selling Out with The Astroglides:

Shylock Shake got played over and over and over again. Lots of brass. I love the tongue work on those sixteenth notes. Great interaction between the guitars and horns. Cool Middle Eastern big band sound. It was like, it was like ... it was like having your second cousin set you up on a blind date and discovering he looks like Antonio Banderas, dresses like a pirate and acts like Thelma and Louise ... AND has a horse that runs like Hidalgo, which he gives you as a "getting to know you" present, along with a golden saddle.

Guitar Cha-Cha cha-chinged my joy register big time. It's an outstanding cover of Link Wray's great tune. You can watch The Astroglides' music video of Guitar Cha-Cha at their website or at You Tube. Emmy's eyes popped. That's right. Popped right out and then snapped back again. DO NOT miss this video. It's very, very cool.

Fanatic Mule Ride is an ultra high-energy tune that's up close and in your face. It's an avalanche of Surf Core, challenging you to take a ride to the land deep inside of your mind. This is some heavy stuff. It was like killer bees attacking my brain and hanging my panties on my ear as their victory flag. Fanatic Mule Ride is a very intense, very neat and deep song.

Tantura Island is dramatic and mesmerizing. Very exotic, mysterious and surfy. It made me want to pump up my rubber raft and paddle to a tropical island. The Astroglides' big sound is very evident in Tantura Island.

Train Damage keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next. It's a contradiction in terms which is a good thing much like sweet and sour taste delicious together. Train Damage combines surf, space, Middle Eastern, psychedelic and metal in an outrageously delicious musical brew. See what I mean? Contradiction is a good thing and The Astroglides are masters of contradiction.

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Warning... Don't play Selling Out with The Astroglides if you need to get some sleep. Won't work. It's gonna wake you up. Each one of the fifteen tracks is uber cool.

You know what? I could tell you The Astroglides are very adept musicians because they are. I could tell you their Surf Core sound is huge, unique and exciting because it is. Or I can just tell you Selling Out with The Astroglides is a great CD - because I want to. Yep, that's what I'll do. "Selling Out with The Astroglides is a great CD."

2003 The Astroglides. All rights reserved.