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The Astroglides Penetrate With...
Label: Fat Music 12

Finally, the Astroglides' album is out. Issued on 12 inch (and CD-R for media), this is sure to turn some heads. It's a monster of a release, with ultra dark vocals and menacing howling surf instrumentals. the Astroglides are based in Tel Aviv, Israel. They base their music in surf and punk in unusual ways, using surf tone, nasty dark sound, and a wailing theramin. Completely unique in both punk and surf circles, this is well worth seeking out.

Picks: Dark Surf, Omar Shariff Ballad, Sewerpipe Ride, Kabbalah Fucker, Horsepower, Eli, Time Bomb, Batman, Moment Of Truth, Mystic Sphinx-ter


Jeepers! Manic and bent! Neil Hefty's cartoonish theme becomes a disturbed thrasher. Hugely nasty, with that maniacal theramin and the throatcore chorus. Wow.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Dark Surf"

Ultra heavy dark surf eerily comes your way via a nasty double picked lead, reverbed and powerful over an intense howl from a wailing theramin. Strong drums and bass, and an overall evil texture. Intensely personal in a damaged and dangerous way.
Surf Instrumental Stereo


"Eli" is dramatic, with powerful drive and the desperate wail of another dimension. Saturn V power and alien danger. It's hard to imagine surf this harsh, but here it is. Charged with power and drive, and ending with hardcore chord thrash.
Surf Instrumental Stereo


"Horsepower" gallops heavily through reverbed storm surf towards the end of time... unmelodic and destructive. Monster sounds and high powered bashing. Really cool, and that theramin is magnificent.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Kabbalah Fucker"

Vial epithets open... so beware. Once past, "Kabbalah Fucker" becomes a monstrously evil surf ride. Huge tone, and howling wails. This is a desert war at machine gun speed, fought against aliens of other worlds.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Moment Of Truth"

The Original Surfaris' drove it hard. The Apemen amped it up. The Astroglides make you scared! Absolutely powerful and manic.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Mystic Sphinx-ter"

The slow drama of the opening verse deceives you. Soon enough, the demented string bending and weird tones, and the fast thundering power of the tune takes off on a Gattling gun ride... hot stuff.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Omar Shariff Ballad"

"Omar Shariff Ballad" is menacing, with dark assaultive doubled picked guitar sporting dribbling tone over an eerie backtrack. The theremin brings out the emergency feel, invoking images of insane asylum surf rides around Aldebaran, with the keepers in pursuit. Hostile and very too cool.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Sewerpipe Ride"

"Sewerpipe Ride" is menacing dark surfcore with evil chord progressions and disturbing theremin howls. The warlike sound is intense. Yikes!
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Time Bomb"

The Avengers VI had no idea what the Astroglides would do to their light hearted ditty. Explosive menacing power, raging drums, and flying double picked low-E guitar deliver an picture of the end... a melodic albeit evil riff and just plain impaling speed...
Surf Instrumental Stereo

2003 The Astroglides. All rights reserved.