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album coverThe Astroglides Live at the Patifon 4 stars
Label: Astroglides CD-R Live

These instrumentals were plucked from a recent live performance at the Patifon in Israel. The gloomy power of this band is amazing.

Picks: Dark Surf, Untitled, Bat Yam Stomp, Simabadoosah, Romany Vardo

"Dark Surf" [live] 4 stars

This is a howlingly evil performance of the Astroglides' ultra menacing "Dark Surf." This song rules, and it's highly powered here. Very cool!
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Omar Shariff Ballad" [live] 4 stars

Great double pick surf anguish and dark power rhythm, screaming insanity from the Theramin further dissociates the song from anything remotely resembling tranquility. I didn't recognize the title.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Bat Yam Stomp" [live] 4 stars

"Bat Yam Stomp" rocks and thrashes with all the danger of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. No safety here. Tuff and like klezmer for a nightmare, with dark double picked guitar menacing the night. Great track.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Simabadoosah" [live] 4 stars

This is a really cool song, middle eastern thrashy dangerous, maniacally double picked, and utterly threatening. Yikes!
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Romany Vardo" [live] 4 stars

This is like a Jewish wedding with reverb, prancing power surf with roots in the culture. Strong and way too fun!
Surf Instrumental Stereo

2003 The Astroglides. All rights reserved.