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album coverThe Astroglides Fondling With 5 stars
Label: Astroglides CD

This is the second album from Israel's Astroglides. 9 great instros and 10 hardcore vocals with the defiant fatalism of the never-ending battlefield they live in. Unique and powerful surf instros from dark inside killer waves.

Picks: Open Up, Bat Yam, Dick Tracy, Mar Gaya, Simadadoosah, Romany Vardo, High Tide, Hava Nagila, Arab Bush

"Open Up" 3 stars

Punkoidally evil, this dark progression crunch-fest throbs and spews venom. "Open Up" is the instrumental introduction to the hardcore love anthem "I Despise Humanity."
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Bat Yam" 5 stars

Tuff and like klezmer for a nightmare, "Bat Yam Stomp" pumps and pounds, and sports dark double picked guitar menacing the night. The Theramin's howl adds darkness. Great track.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Dick Tracy" 4 stars

A long way from the square-jawed cartoon character, yet somehow appropriate. "Dick Tracy" howls and wails and surfs with low-E grumble. The detective searches for the bad guys in a sea of questionable. Double kick drum action, surf rhythm chunk, and a cool melody line.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Mar Gaya" 5 stars

Randy Holden's incredible reaction to Dick Dale's "The Victor" is a natural vehicle for the Astroglides, with its already dark chords and relentless power. The band takes it from dark to pitch black.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Simadadoosah" 5 stars

Damped surf rhythm and a middle eastern melody line, double picking danger, sand-dune slides, and darkness. It's very short and infectious. "Simadadoosah" plays with dangerous fate as if it was just another instrument.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Romany Vardo" 5 stars

A short sampled vocal source of inspiration with jaws harp overdubbed yields to a slightly yokel beat behind a playfully almost klezmer surf romp. The blending of hickoidal barnyard and traditional melody style filtered through reverb is irresistible. Very cool.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"High Tide" 5 stars

A dribbling glissando opens to a rousing Theramin driven blast through of the Lively Ones' classic. About 30 seconds shorter than the original, this watery grumbler flails and shreds through barrels and white water with equal power. Excellent!
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Hava Nagila" 4 stars

Dick Dale took "Hava Nagila" out of his childhood living room and into the evolving world of surf instrumentals. The Astroglides chop it back to thirty-five seconds and darken its color, and in the process bring forth more of the wedding scenery. Catchy and fun.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Arab Bush" 5 stars

With an Arabian melody line and furious traditional Mediterranean line-dance rhythms, "Arab Bush" is catchy and very surfy. Its heart of darkness and aqua-centric sound make it irresistible.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

2003 The Astroglides. All rights reserved.