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The Astroglides' "Fondling With..."

Astroglides - Fondling With the... CD Geez, Louise. Another one straight outta left field-actually Israel, which explains the lyric sheet that I've been reading sideways, backwards, and diagonally. The Astroglides are deep-gruntin' high-ridin' weirdos whose rightful identity and motivations remain cloaked in mystery. First they're trundling through some kinda manic speed-metal minute-long dealie that flies straight over my head, then they bust into a low-balling surf instrumental, then knuckle-dragging frat rock, then back toward hyperactive noise. Call 'em what you will, I'm intrigued-particularly by what have gotta be some extra-extra-daring lyrics given where they're from ("Be Meine Hitler"). If I didn't know better (and I do), I'd swear MRR's Dr. Dante was involved: it's got his thumbprints all over it.

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